Fedora’s Community Leader Needs Medical Help

UPDATE FROM MARCH 18, 2007: Folks, the latest news… Jack is OK now, and has received a lot of attention from the community willing to help.


I just received this post by RSS from Matt Asay’s blog. Jack Aboutboul, who is in charge of Fedora’s marketing, is very sick. He’s looking for help:

We are part of a very smart and very well connected community of people, especially when it comes to scientific matters. I know that a few years back Patrick Volkerding, creator of Slackware, had some crazy rare health issues and by posting online was able to find someone who led him to a proper remedy. I hope we have enough smart people around that will be able to do the same for me. Please pass this on to anyone you know, its a desperate plea for help. Obviously pass it on to scientists, doctors, pharmacists, etc. but please also pass this amongst non-geeks because I’m sure someone out there knows someone who can help.

If you have any ideas, please pass them along to Jack using contact information on his blog.

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