Black Duck Software acquires Koders.Com, Misses SourceKibitzer Opportunity

I’m sitting at McCarran International Airport, waiting for my red-eye to Boston. Last night I stumbled into Doug Levin of Black Duck Software at Mandalay Bay’s Starbucks. The first thing Doug told me was that “Next Monday we are announcing acquisition of Koders.Com”. Doug’s fledging company now has a search engine for open source software source code at its disposal with all strings attached to it such as activity data. Doug did not disclose details of the transaction, but said “It was a good opportunity to move our business forward. 

A few weeks earlier I’ve received an email from Mark Kofman, the founder of SourceKibitzer, that he got funded by Ambient Sound Investments (ASI) and Serenda Estonia. The backers were the guys who founded Skype and a while ago, and now became VCs.

SourceKibitzer is a start-up that has invented unique metrics and performance indicators for software teams. Apparently a missed opportunity for Black Duck - it could be a great asset to accelerate its growth and add one more enterprise revenue stream with tremendeous growth opportunities. Go SourceKibitzer, go!

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