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Prior to founding Apatar (, Renat Khasanshyn was CEO for Altoros Systems, an outsourced product engineering and life cycle management firm. Prior to Altoros Renat was VP of Engineering for PriMed, a discount insurance company in Tampa, Florida where he was responsible for creating an online e-commerce portal to help consumers to find, compare and purchase  health insurance plans online. Prior to immigrating to the US in 2001 Renat Khasanshyn was CTO for OOO BelLight “EFA” , a manufacturing and distribution firm of lighting equipment in Belarus and Russia. Prior to BelLight Renat was studying Engineering and then Marketing at the Belarussian State Technical University.


Open Source, Outsourcing, Music, Piano, Snowboarding.

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1 comment to “About Renat Khasanshyn;”

  1. James M. Orr said:

    Renat Just watched your explanation about Apatar on Scobles and wanted to make you aware of our efforts in the the Freeware world with our WEB offereing of “PublicPIM” which will be a database application that can be uploaded to a website with PHP and MySQL extentions and be immediately useable by the Webmaster and endusers as he allows.
    Immediately see the use of Apatar as a conduit between websites. Our application has been built with the platform over a MySQl db using all Many to Many relationships. Your apatar could be the tool we need to allow individuals to expand their use of the database for what ever apps they may want to create at their websites.
    Best Regards,
    James M. Orr
    Director of Marketing
    ASAP Telesis technologies

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